What does mindfulness mean to you?

Do you ever think about mindfulness?

How does mindfulness affect our wellbeing?


Mindfulness to me is the practice of training the mind to be in the present moment at all times. To be present is to be aware and to be aware is to be living in the now, not in the past or in the future but in the NOW.

Why Do We Need To Stay Mindful?

Mindfulness keeps us living in the present moment! So many of us live by our past experiences which create our future ones whether bad or good. Or, were living in the future wishing we had a better house, a better car, a better spouse, more money, more time and so on, when we should just be appreciating the now and the fact that you do have a roof over your head, you do have a car and you do have someone who loves you, you have some money and you can make more time. Being grateful and appreciative of what you do have in the now is a way to open the doors to your vision of bigger and better things and a life you can absolutely love.

Some benefits of Mindfulness!

  • Reduces stress
  • Less emotional reactions
  • Greater intuition
  • More compassionate
  • Higher brain functioning
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Ability to keep calm
  • Improves sleep
  • And much much more.

How To Stay Mindful?

Staying mindful is a practice and can be achieved if we stay open-minded, active and consistent in the practice. It’s easy to get swept away in the normality of life and forget about what it is we should be doing for our wellbeing and what the importance of living in the now is.

Start with focus- Ask yourself questions! How are you feeling in this present moment, whether your driving, lying in bed, walking, sitting on the toilet, or cooking dinner, there is no right or wrong time? Are you happy, are you sad, are you hungry, is it loud or quiet, do you ache, how does the temperature feel on your skin, is your breath fast or slow whatever it may be, tune into the body inside and out and listen to what it is telling you. Don’t judge yourself on anything your feeling, hearing or seeing. Just observe it and let it go.

Meditation- Meditation doesn’t have to be an hour long process. Most of us lead very busy lives and don’t always have the time. It can be just 10 minutes in the morning to set your mood and intentions for the day. When you wake, sit up in bed and with your eyes closed go inside your body and take the journey from your toes to the tops of your head, feel your stiffness, your aches, and pains and just be aware. Say some positive affirmations like today is a great day, I am going to do wonderful things today, today is a perfect day etc. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

Don’t worry if you haven’t meditated before I am only quite new to the practice myself but it has been a wonderful new experience I will continue doing for the rest of my life. There are many videos, training and guided meditations all over the internet so have a play around and find something that works for you.,

Appreciation- When we can be mindful of other people and be in the present moment is when we can really be truly appreciative to our inner core and really feel it. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, “don’t you”! The lollypop lady keeping the children safe, the man in the truck collecting our rubbish, the husband working 12hour days to support his family, the wife who cooks, cleans and washes to take care of her family, all the teachers, doctors, builders, receptionists, plumbers, instructors all want to feel appreciated. Appreciation breeds appreciation and the more you give the more you will receive. So be extra kind to those people you cross paths with today and say more thank yous, hellos, can I help you, are you ok and have a good day. It will make you feel good and who knows you will most likely make some

one else’s day.

Be Kind, Be Free, Be You

Kelly Stewart



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Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

I am a wife and a mum of 4 beautiful kids. I have created an online business so I can be financially free and spend more time with my family doing the things we love.