What is the importance of being grateful?

What does being grateful mean for our health?

How does being grateful make you feel?

So what does being grateful mean?

Being grateful is our way of showing appreciation for something that has been done or given to us. We show our appreciation by saying a sincere thank you, giving a hug or a simple kind gesture. It can be of the simplest things in our everyday life. Having self-improvement goals makes us strive to be the best human we can be.

We show our gratefulness to people that are kind to us, it is a feeling. A helping hand up the stairs or across the road, offering a seat, giving a massage, moving furniture, taking out the trash or just cooking a meal. When someone makes an effort to help us it makes us feel good and have a strong appreciation for that person.

Why is being grateful so important?

Being grateful for someone or something is not only good for them but for you also. Research has shown that there are many psychological benefits for being grateful. Those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Also, many studies done have shown that people who consciously show gratitude daily tend to be happier, less depressed and have more patients.

Grateful people tend to be healthier as they appreciate their bodies and what they put inside them. They eat well, exercise and have fewer trips to the doctors.

The Effects Of Gratitude- 

 Being grateful makes us appreciate what we have in the present moment and not dwell on the things we don’t have. Even if you don’t have that perfect house on the hill, that dream sports car, the perfect body or the best iPhone it is important to appreciate what you do have and the universe will take care of the rest. Just be grateful because there is always someone who is worse off than u, they don’t have a roof over their head, they walk the streets barefoot, they don’t have a communication device and they have to find food wherever they can, including trash cans. That should be enough for you to be grateful for what YOU have.

It causes us to be less materialistic and realize that there are a lot more important things to focus on in life like family, health, enjoyment, happiness, and peace of mind. When we learn this we are more relaxed, calmer, and we deal with unwanted situations in a more graceful manner.

How To Learn To Be More Grateful-

1/ Mindfulness meditation- This is a great way to start off your day in a positive way. Listening to a recording on youtube is the easiest way to gain access to thousands of free sessions. First thing in the morning before getting out of bed, stick your earphones in and give yourself 15 minutes of relaxing awakening to a more positive, productive day rather than jumping up, rushing around, frantically getting ready and heading off into chaotic traffic to a manic day at work. Waking up in a more peaceful positive manner is a much better way to set your intentions and mindset for the rest of the day.

2/ Documenting In Your Diary- It helps to write things down, not just so we don’t forget but to physically write it down so we remember, making it more concrete. Writing down what you are grateful for that day, whether it be the air you breathe, waking up in the morning, the water you were able to bathe in, the pillow that cradled your head, it doesn’t matter how big or small, just be grateful. The more you can think grateful thoughts the less you will be ungrateful.

3/ Find Gratitude In The Arduous Times- Being grateful for the positive things in our life is a lot easier than being grateful for the hard times but is just as important. Though we kick and scream when things don’t go our way or something happens in a negative way, what we need to do is try and find the positive. I am a massive believer in everything happens for a reason. If you look back in the past to a negative situation you will most likely be able to see the positive that had come out of it. So next time you’re in a negative situation, stop, breathe, analyze the situation, be grateful for it and try to find a positive outcome.

There are many ways to show gratitude so if your new to this and find you don’t show enough gratitude just start with just one thing, like a thank you, be more polite, be kind, give love and your whole world will change.

Be Kind, Be Free, Be You    

Kelly Stewart



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Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

I am a wife and a mum of 4 beautiful kids. I have created an online business so I can be financially free and spend more time with my family doing the things we love.