-Are you lacking motivation?                                                                                                       -Do you need a push in the right direction?                                                                            –   -Are you a procrastinator?


A lot of you may be in this situation and just need a little motivation to get you moving forward in the right direction!

Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day life, living the same routines day in, day out.

Going through the same motions, feeling like a robot. Never doing the things you really want to be doing, like hobbies, nature walks, sports and exercising, reading a great book, watching your favorite movies, painting, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, working on your goals or just hanging around doing absolutely nothing.


What are your passions?

We all have our own passions and that burning desire inside of us to fulfill our dreams. Isn’t that what life is all about! Why not make those dreams come true!

Only you can do it, no one can do it for you. It may take effort and hard work but keep motivated and taking daily steps toward your goals will make it happen and will be worth all the hard work and effort you put in to create the life you dream of.


Ways To Stay Motivated!



#1. Visualize On Your Goals- Visualizing on your goals is a great way to keep you motivated. To look into the future and to see yourself where you want to be is an inspiration to yourself. It will keep you driven and help manifest exactly what it is you want. Whenever you have a few minutes free just close your eyes and envision your goals, what can you see, how does it make you feel, embrace that feeling, what does it smell like, what can you hear, what are you doing and just be in that moment? Try it first thing in the morning, every morning when you wake up before you get out of bed.






#2. Listen To Motivational and Inspirational Speakers- This is also a great tool for motivation. Personally, I do this at the gym when I’m on the treadmill or cross trainer. I go to Youtube on the screen and type in motivational speakers or speeches. There are hundreds of awesome videos you can look at and find something specific that suits you. They definitely get me motivated and inspired to always follow my dreams and goals.

A couple of my favorites are Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Gary Vaynerchuck, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Eric Thomas, Les Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.



#3. Just Do It- So stop procrastinating and just do it. Once you push yourself out

of your comfort zone and make just a little bit of time and effort to take the steps to reach your goals will you will feel great about yourself. Taking the steps daily will create momentum and habit, which will make it become easier and easier as time goes by and before you know it you won’t even have to think about it, it will come naturally to you, just like driving a car! You will have created a new habit which will lead you to your destiny.

Wishing you all the best on your journey and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you want to reach out, I’ll be here!


Be Kind, Be Free, Be You!

Kelly Stewart


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Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

I am a wife and a mum of 4 beautiful kids. I have created an online business so I can be financially free and spend more time with my family doing the things we love.