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Easy Earn commissions profit system was created by a man named Chuck Nguyen from Australia.


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-Once signed up you just go through the step by step system setup and get your affiliate link!
-Then go through all the training videos to learn how it all works!
-Set up your 10 extra streams of income within the system!
-Join the EEC Facebook groups!
-Start promoting, share your link!!!!!
-Subscribers opt-in to your Email Autoresponder and those leads turn into sales!

My “WHY”

So after raising 4 amazing children and my youngest starting big school in a couple of years, I started to think about me and what I wanted out of the rest of my life.

I knew for sure I didn’t want to go back to a mainstream job that I hated, working for someone else, working the hours that didn’t suit me, not being flexible to go away when and where I wanted and not having the time to look after my family and household.

After realizing what I didn’t want I could figure out what I did want. And that was to still be able to stay at home and look after my little girl, drop her off to school and pick her up every day, be there for special events, have the time to look after my house, cook and clean, and work from home when it suited me.

That’s when Google came into play. I was googling online jobs, work from home jobs, and the laptop lifestyle. It sounded perfect, I was excited about what the future could hold for me.

Then I came across a program that sounded great and I signed up. I learned a lot as I was a newbie to the online marketing world and I met some great people but after a year of doing a lot of work, it all seemed like a waste of time.

I didn’t make one cent and was undecided about what to do next as it had become very expensive and I wasn’t receiving the training and coaching I had hoped for and was expected to spend thousands more! Not happening. I loved doing what I was doing and giving up wasn’t an option.

That’s when I was introduced to a new system by a great coach and someone I had grown to know, like and trust. In the first 2 weeks of joining EEC, I had made my first $5oo, I was getting the training and support I needed and I didn’t have to pay a lot of money to get started. The potential to make a lot more money with the extra streams of income was a massive bonus which I didn’t have in the previous system. This was a way better fit for me and I absolutely love it.

With an endless amount of online marketing programs and systems and so-called leaders giving you unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved and how quickly, it’s hard to know which way to turn.  I suggest going with your gut if it feels right to go with it, do your due diligence and when you start it can become overwhelming and seem to hard. Just remember, it’s not meant to be easy but it will get easier once you start to learn.  Don’t give up because you just never know when you’ll get your breakthrough.


There are many ways to promote the system and you can choose which works best for you and decide whether you’d like to do paid or free advertising. As I like to grow my list organically I have mostly done FREE advertising which is more time consuming but can also bring a lot of traffic to your offer which then leads to sales. Three strategies I use are-

1/ EMAIL Marketing using AWeber-

AWEBER is an email marketing and automation platform which allows content creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs get access to easy-to-use automated tools to launch automated email sequences, tag and segment subscribers based on their behavior, send remarkable one-time promotional emails or newsletters, and track your success.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

2/FREE Websites-

There are literally hundreds of FREE advertising websites for you to promote your offer! Some you can pay to upgrade to earn more commissions or you can watch ads or read emails to gain credits which allow you to send out a certain amount of emails depending on the number of credits you have. Here is a few I use and adding more each day –

3/FACEBOOK groups-

You can join Facebook groups in your niche daily. Once joined you are able to post ads promoting your offer. You must stay consistent so people can get to know, like and trust you.

Tracking Links!

Tracking your links is a must so you can see where your visits and conversions are coming from. Clickmagick has many features such as Rotators, Organic Tracking, Split Testing, Tools and much more.

Many marketers waste a whole lot of money on marketing efforts that simply are not working. This is because they have no idea which is converting into leads and sales. This is a great tracking source I highly recommend to anyone.


FREE Member

– For every qualified Tier 1 signup (Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom) you can earn $2 as a FREE member.
– Earn passive income from your Email list!
– Earn passive income from the Secret System List!
– Earn $100 per VIP sale!
– Earn $20 per Pro sale!
– Earn $10 per second tier sale!
– Earn up to 100% commission on other traffic networks!
– Access to Super Affiliate Blueprint!

PRO Member

– $5 active member commissions!
– $100 Pro sales commissions!
– 2nd Tier Pro sale commissions!
– 10 extra income streams!
– $50 automated 2nd Tier commissions!
– Digital Elites Academy!
– All courses, case studies, coaching!
– Lifetime access to everything,
Niche sites,
Bing PPC advertising,
Pop-up ads,
Banner advertising and more

VIP Member

– Access to private VIP Inner Circle!
– Private one on one coaching!
– 2 x VIP Partner Packages!
– Direct access to Chuck via email for 12 mths!
Strategies and advice specifically tailored to you,
Designed to help you become a super affiliate
Keep you focused and laser targeted on your goals,
VIP Support,
Turn you into an influential leader,
Connect with VIP partners,
Recurring monthly commissions from
Clickmagick and Getresponse,
– No extra work!
– $500 and $2000 commissions on VIP sales!


This is one of my payouts I achieved in my first week, and also some others from our team members.



This is a great platform to get started with affiliate marketing if you’re a newbie, but also if you have had previous experience in online marketing! A simple to use Done-For-You automated system that has been created for everyone. Give it a try today, you have nothing to lose, it’s FREE and who doesn’t”t like free ha!

Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

I am a wife and a mum of 4 beautiful kids. I have created an online business so I can be financially free and spend more time with my family doing the things we love.